Walmart and the Nazi T-shirt saga

Walmart T-shirt logo of Nazi Germany’s 3rd SS Division Totenkopf Seeing as we are not the greatest fans of mass consumerism here at Tshirtdemocracy.com, you can image that Walmart is not high on our list of favorite retailers. We always figured they were Nazi-like in their omnipresence.

SO it was interesting to run into this neat story on The Consumerist of Walmart selling Nazi Insignia T-shirts throughout it’s stores.

A quick check-in on this story (dated last month) brought about some even more interesting news via Walmartwatch. Seems that Walmart continues selling these lovely t-shirts depicting the insignia of Nazi Germany’s 3rd SS Division Totenkopf (full description here). Better yet is the letter from Members of Congress which they have posted. American tax dollars at work. Now if they could only crack down on all that Farfegnugen over at Volkswagen…

You can get the whole saga here.

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