The T-shirt. Put to good use

Japanese Manhunt t-shirt-  T-shirts put to GOOD use.Now I know one can argue that there are literally thousands of good uses for t-shirts: from plain old looking good wearing one, to sopping up stale, day old beer from your kitchen floor ’cause your mom gave you a dangle ten minutes ago and said she’d be dropping by in a jiff; but this is a most novel use of the t-shirt.


And I’m not referring to the sitting at the bar type, but the old fashion Wild-West (Have Ourselves a Hangin’) kind- finding a suspect. Being-a-broad has launched a campaign to assist the family of Lindsay Ann Hawker,who’s body was found on the floor of Tatsuya Ichihashi, who is nowhere to be found.

How have they opted to help? By selling t-shirts with this mans portrait and a Japanese statement translating roughly to ‘Until this man is caught, I will not sleep.’ A very interesting way of putting t-shirts to GOOD use. This could definitely be a good idea in a multitude of research situations. You can view the whole story here. And buy the t-shirt here.

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