What Makes Funny T-Shirts Fun?

There is something endearingly comfortable about a worn and ratty t-shirt. You know what I’m talking about – the one with the holes in it that you’re mom, girlfriend, or significant other probably endlessly nagged you about; the one with the faded print and, let’s face it, sometimes not-so-subtle smell. We all have that shirt at one point in our lives. Our go-to shirts, if you will and most of the time, they turn out to be quite funny t-shirts too.

What is it with t-shirts, anyway? They are pretty basic and simple, at least compared to the more fashion-forward clothes we see out there but I guess therein lies the charm of the t-shirt. Its simplicity and flexibility attracts all kinds of consumers, even those who feel above wearing such a common piece of clothing. Yes, there are those kinds of people but I digress. You can dress up or dress down a t-shirt, depending on the occasion, or most often than not, your mood and that versatility probably plays a major part in the t-shirt’s popularity.

Funny T-shirts, particularly, have been making waves in the fashion industry. T-shirts with witty or sarcastic jokes, funny pictures, or spoofs of famous commercials, TV shows and movies are being worn by more and more people, especially among the younger generation. Some of these t-shirts even poke fun at current political situations or political figures or famous, expensive brands. They do not mean any harm, of course. They are merely there to gather some laughs.

Funny t-shirts are also great conversation starters. You can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger by simply making a casual observation about whatever funny line or picture is printed on his shirt. Nothing breaks the proverbial ice than a witty remark or a shared joke, after all. For cases like these, laughter is the best medicine, especially for awkward silences. What makes these kinds of shirts even better? You do not have to be a comedian in order to wear one. In fact, you can be the most serious man in the world and no one will have to know. You simply don on one of those funny t-shirts and you’re good to go.

A lot would add that these funny t-shirts add a certain character or oomph to an otherwise boring ensemble. You can just pair it with the most basic jeans and sneakers and you can still get away with it without being too boring. In a way, these types of shirts can bring color to your overall look, literally and figuratively. You can never go wrong with funny t-shirts. Just make sure that the jokes are not too offensive, of course. You do not want to ruin that fledgling friendship or budding romance.

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