Where have all the real men gone?

The summer season is almost upon us which means oppressive heat and sticky humidity. A trip to the beach or community pool is all but inevitable at some point in the season. Are you ready for it? Sunglasses, check. UV protection, check. Towel, check. Insect repellant, check. But what about those other pests of the beach… the metrosexuals? Naired chests, chiseled muscles, superstar tans… it might generate
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Genesis 7:2 in XXL

Hoity toity film critics be damned, the box office receipts do not lie.  We love our remakes.  Planet of the Apes, Ocean's Eleven, Godzilla all attained blockbuster status.  Even Gus Van Sant's deplorable Psycho remake turned a tidy profit.  We seem to have this inherent goal to remake everything as our own, with more sex, violence and special effects in pursuit of the ultimate goal of less talk.  Is nothin
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The lessons I've learned as a Law & Order junkie

cheap paper writing service Though the odds might be tempting, I'm pretty sure that this t-shirt — and a few (too many) Jagger bombs — does not constitute consent.  Or maybe not. zp8497586rq
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We love funny Will Ferrell T-shirts

PussyHound at the Porn Awards on FunnyOrDie.com So we think Willy Ferrell is a pretty funny guy. And we love the fact that he has inspired more t-shirts that Chuck Norris. (we’ve actually heard Chuck Norris gets his lawyers onto t-shirt sites that spoof him.) Will Ferrell on the other hand has a sense of humor. Which includes working with his daugther Pearl on some funny stuff. Will, you the man and we thinks w
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